National Research Communication Program

The Research and Grant Institute of Ghana (ReGIG) instituted the National Research Communication Program (NaReCoP) to build the capacity of the research community in Ghana to communicate their research findings and discoveries in simple, plain language appropriate to non-scientific audience.

The NaReCoP is influenced by decades of observation indicating that researchers have profound difficulty communicating their research findings and innovations to policy makers and the public, resulting in inadequate use of scientific knowledge for public good.

The research community lacks formal training in research communication. To connect academia to industry in Ghana and beyond, it seems extremely important to equip the research community, including higher education students (i.e., undergraduates, Masters, and PhDs) with the requisite skills and competencies to communicate their research findings and discoveries effectively.

Equipping students with skills in research communication is extremely important as they are the most suitable and qualified replacement for the ageing researchers. Through the NaReCoP, ReGIG is dedicated to complementing the efforts of the universities and research institutions in preparing the next generation of research students to effectively communicate their research projects to non-academic audiences in simple, non-technical language.