Justice Bawole Nyigmah

Justice Nyigmah Bawole (Ph.D.) is a Professor in the Department of Public Administration and Health Services Management, University of Ghana Business School, Legon. Prof. Bawole obtained a Ph.D. in Development Policy and Management from the Global Development Institute (former Institute for Development Policy and Management), University of Manchester, UK, where he is a visiting scholar since 2013. He holds an MPhil, BSc. Administration (Public Administration Major) and Diploma in Public Administration degrees from the University of Ghana Business School. Professor Bawole has published extensively in reputable and top-tier journals, authored several books, book chapters, and technical reports, and presented his research works at major conferences across the globe. He has also won several competitive national and international grants for research activities, training and capacity building programs. In addition, Professor Bawole has consulted for several institutions, both local and foreign, on development, public policy, and administration issues.