Egbenya Daniel Lawer

Dr. Egbenya Daniel Lawer is a product of the University of Ghana, Legon, and Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway, where he completed master and PhD programs in Neuroscience. Dr. Lawer’s area of research is in synaptic plasticity in healthy and diseased brain. He has worked/is working on projects including PICK1 in AMPA receptor trafficking, SNARE proteins in epilepsy, syntaxin 1 in the brain, regulation of immediate early genes and neurotrophins following chronic temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) and cognition among drug naïve TLE patients. He has much knowledge in anatomical and biochemical experimental techniques. He has a number of scientific publications in high-ranking peer-reviewed journals in his field of study. He has attended a number of conferences and seminars where he presented his works. He is a Senior Member with the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology of the School of Medical Sciences, University of Cape Coast, Ghana. Additionally, Daniel is a member of many prestigious professional bodies such as the Norwegian Neuroscience Society, Canadian Association for Neuroscience, Federation of European Neuroscience Society, Ghana Neuroscience Society and University Teachers Association of Ghana.