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Research and Grant Institute of Ghana (REGIG) - DEPT. OF RESEARCH AND ACADEMIC AWARDS


The Department of Research and Academic Awards promotes excellence in research by recognizing and awarding researchers, research institutions and/or individuals conducting and/supporting high-quality research, despite the research constraints in Ghana.

The Research and Academic Awards are categorized into;


Faculty Research Award Scheme: This Award Scheme recognizes outstanding performance by faculty members in terms of addressing pressing developmental and public policy issues and/or contributing to theoretical formulation and knowledge generation. There are three levels of Faculty Research Awards available:

  • ·       Excellence in Research Award for faculty members who have excelled in their research endeavors and are among the top            researchers in their respective disciplines
  • ·         Early Career Researcher Award for early career researchers or newly recruited faculty members
  • ·         Women Research Award for women faculty members who are involved in research.


Postgraduate Research Award Scheme: The Postgraduate Research Award Scheme is instituted to honor doctoral and masters students or graduates who have demonstrated profound commitment to quality and innovative research.


Research Personality Award Scheme: This award is instituted to commend individuals who have contributed tremendously to quality and innovative research in the country. Precisely, the award is targeted at individuals who have conducted high quality and impactful research and/or provided the necessary conditions for others to undertake quality and innovative research.


Research Institution Award Scheme: Generally, the institutions in Ghana are confronted with several challenges in their quest to conduct research, such as inadequate research fund, limited access to journal databases and relevant books, unstable and unreliable internet connectivity, inadequate and outdated scientific and laboratory equipment, and disproportionate student-lecturer ratio. Despite these general constraints, some institutions have endeavored to provide conducive and favorable environments for their faculty members to engage in research, hence the establishment of the Research Institution Award Scheme to honor these institutions.

The REGIG is an independent, not-for profit organization dedicated to promoting the generation, dissemination, and utilization of research to facilitate the socioeconomic development of Ghana and to contribute to global scientific discourse.

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