The use of research findings for the benefit of society and economy is among the major priorities of the Research and Grant Institute of Ghana. Consequently, the Department of Knowledge and Technology Transfer promotes research uptakes using evidence-based and contemporary strategies to bridge the gap between the research community, industries, businesses, and other users of research findings. Specifically, the Department supports the research and business communities in Ghana via research dissemination, innovation management, venture service, and contract research across the various academic disciplines grouped under the following broad categories;

  • ·         Social and Behavioral Science
  • ·         Business and Management Science
  • ·         Arts, Humanities, and Language
  • ·         Technology and Engineering Science
  • ·         Health, Medicine, and Biomedical Science
  • ·         Agriculture and Environment Science
  • ·         Physical/Basic/Applied Sciences

Research Dissemination: The Department disseminates as widely as possible research findings by Ghanaian universities and research institutions. Research conducted by non-Ghanaian research institutions are also disseminated provided that they have significant bearing on their Ghanaian economy. Research dissemination platforms and strategies include knowledge and technology transfer newsletter, research bulletins and brochure, social media platforms (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter), workshops, seminars, and conferences.  

Innovation Management: The Department works closely with the relevant business community to promote the commercialization of innovative and cutting-edge research findings

Venture Service: The Department assists research-based startup projects with a range of services, including help with business plan development, training, capacity building, and funding.

Contract Research: The Department promotes and manages research and development agreements between the research community, businesses, and public sector.


The REGIG is an independent, not-for profit organization dedicated to promoting the generation, dissemination, and utilization of research to facilitate the socioeconomic development of Ghana and to contribute to global scientific discourse.

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