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Research and Grant Institute of Ghana (REGIG) - Call For Proposals



  Application Closes: 31st August, 2019 @ 11:59PM (GMT)



The use of research findings by non-scientific audience, including policy makers, business and industry players, to support socioeconomic growth and development is largely contingent on the effective communication of the numerous interesting, innovative, and timely researches conducted by the universities and research institutions in the country.

However, many students and researchers are found wanting when they are called to communicate their findings in a simple, non-technical language appropriate to nonscientific audience. Scientific ideas can be complicated and communication of these ideas often becomes mired in discipline-specific jargon disseminated via scientific journals and books that are largely inaccessible to the general public. Effort to disseminate research findings to the public is, therefore, limited by research communication challenges.  


The Research and Grant Institute of Ghana (REGIG) instituted the National Research Communication (NaReC) Program to equip the research community in Ghana with the requisite skills and competencies to be able to effectively communicate research findings to inform policies, economic decision making, induce behavioral and attitudinal changes at the individual, household, family, community and national levels.  


Objectives The objectives of the NaReC-Program are:

  • Equip participants with the skills of communicating research projects in simple, non-technical language appropriate to non-scientific audience
  • Bridge the research communication and outreach gap between academia, industries, policy makers and general public.
  • Expand the knowledge base and research capability of the research community in Ghana
  • Foster career development by enabling participants to maintain active and dedicated research focus and interest.

Scope of the Call

The NaReC-Program is interested in projects from the various academic disciplines addressing one or more SDGs priority areas


  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students in accredited public and private universities and research training institutions in Ghana.
  • Graduates of accredited public and private universities and research training institutions in Ghana


Application Requirements and Procedure

To apply, visit www.regig.org to download and complete application form.


Benefits of Participation

  • Successful applicants would be awarded Certificate of participation
  • Winners in the 3-Minutes Thesis/Research competition will receive ResearchSupport Grant (up to GH¢ 2,000). 

Application Cost

The program is fully sponsored by REGIG. It is therefore free for all applicants

Program Venue

This is a virtual program to be held via ZOOM. Applicants can apply and participate in the Program from anywhere.

Review of Abstracts

  • All abstracts shall be reviewed by external reviewers, following internal screening by REGIG.

  • The peer-review process shall be rigorous, transparent, double-blind, and anonymous.

  • All abstracts shall be assessed fairly, giving due consideration to the scientific and practical implications of the research project.

Notification of Outcome of Review Process

Applicants whose abstracts have been selected will be duly notified. The notification would include pertinent information relating to the competition. This shall include training on effective research communication; date, time, and venue for the competition.


To apply, refer to the following documents - Click Here to Download Application Form


Further Information/Inquiries For further information, contact REGIG Secretariat:

Mobile number: 0558631609/ 0500111180 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Website: www.regig.org   

The REGIG is an independent, not-for profit organization dedicated to promoting the generation, dissemination, and utilization of research to facilitate the socioeconomic development of Ghana and to contribute to global scientific discourse.

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